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Information for Dental Professionals:

The marketing of shorter term orthodontics can help match patients interested in this alternative treatment with an orthodontist or general dentist. "HSB" includes all the technologies and procedural skills required to deliver orthodontics in a timely manner.

To apply for dental professional membership visit www.HighSpeedBraces.org

How would you like to be able to expand the range of skills so that you are able to treat extremely difficult oral rehabilitation situations affordably and quickly. There are no short cuts in training, and you need to put in your time to separate yourself from the crowd.

In the book titled 'High Speed Braces® - explains the training recommended to excel in this  treatment style. 

HSB SEMINARS - audio introduction for dental professionals

Having dental braces has traditionally been a long and drawn out process which helped spawn the popularity of the porcelain veneer for cosmetic dental makeovers.  While the thought of walking in with crooked teeth and strolling out with a perfect smile sounds like a quick solution to an embarrassing problem, the answer is not as simple as it appears.

While porcelain veneers are an incredible breakthrough for cosmetic dentistry,they are not the only method of treatment dentists should consider for the correction of crowded or spaced teeth.  Veneers are more conservative than full crowns but they usually involve the removal of enamel from the surface of the teeth.  This enamel is lost forever and reduces the natural protection of the teeth.  Porcelain does not wear as well as enamel and is more prone to fracture.  In comparison, "High Speed Braces" (TM) can offer a rapid alternative to traditional orthodontics and plastic aligners.

Visit www.highspeedbraces.org for further information on this program.

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